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The World’s First Yacht NFT Just Sold for $12 Million

The sale is believed to be the first NFT yacht sale transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, and comes with a real Tactical 110 superyacht.

The world’s first NFT yacht sale was made last week on the Ethereum Blockchain. Designed by Gregory C. Marshall, the 110-footer will be built in Canada by Tactical Custom Boats. Last month, Marshall partnered with Cloud Yachts to introduce the NFT concept to yacht design and sales, offering a $95 million NFT of a custom-designed superyacht that will be built by Delta Marine in Seattle.

Last week’s 110-footer, which was minted via Opensea, is expected to take about 36 months to build, with a cost of about $12 million. On completion, Cloud Yachts and Tactical Custom Boats will mint a second NFT for the owner with all metadata from the build and he’ll receive his new explorer yacht.

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