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2024 Antarctica Exploration

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

As a long-standing partner of the Principality of Monaco, O2xH2O is proud to be entrusted in the invitation and selection process of the few guests who will be able to join ANTARCTICA 2024 private odyssey, organised by the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco, Fondation du Prince Albert Ier.

From the 28th of December 2023 to the 8th of January 2024, alongside HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, a few selected guests will embark on board the world's latest eco-responsible high polar exploration vessel.

This expedition will bring us into the field to deepen our understanding of the dual climate and biodiversity crisis that our era is facing, the impact of which is particularly visible in Antarctica. The insights will be delivered by a tailored program planned with scientists, naturalists and experts from the Oceanographic Institute and its partners.

The Oceanographic Institute will, during the course of this voyage, offer a series of visits and experiences to explain these challenges and persuade each participant to make use of their capacity for action to develop new measures and initiatives that will have a positive impact. Our approach will be based on specific examples such as the international MARE program led by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute allowing the study of emperor penguin colonies in the Weddel Sea using new, much less intrusive technologies. This study could be extended to the constitution of a vast circum-Antarctic network of observatories allowing the monitoring of marine ecosystems and the state of health of Antarctica by studying the emperor penguin as a true sentinel.

ANTARCTICA 2024 will also be an opportunity to visit the Weddell Sea, which is the subject of intense international debate around the creation of a new Marine Protected Area covering 2 million km2.

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