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2023 Dassault Falcon 8X - Exclusive sales agency with O2xH2O

Brand new Falcon 8X in stunning condition! Only test flight hours. Welcoming offers now.

Contact: // M: +852.6250-5000

The most flexible, cost-efficient long-range business jet on the market. With the quietest cabin in the industry.

The Falcon 8X offers the greatest range in the Falcon line, along with accessibility to shorter runways, lower operating economics, the industry's largest selection of cabin configurations, and unrivaled flight-handling qualities.

The Ultra-Long-Range Leader. The Falcon 8X is capable of flying for 14 hours and 6,450 nm / 11,945 km non-stop – at Mach 0.80 with 8 passengers and 3 crew (85% Annual Wind, NBAA IFR Reserves).

Typical Falcon 8X missions.

  • Asia to North America: Beijing–New York, Shanghai–Seattle, Hong Kong–Seattle

  • Asia to Australia: Mumbai–Sydney

  • Asia to Europe: Hong Kong–London

  • Europe to Africa: London–Cape Town

  • Europe to South America: London–São Paulo

  • Europe to Asia: Paris–Singapore

  • South America to North America: São Paulo–Los Angeles

  • Eastern Europe to North America: Moscow–Los Angeles

  • North America to Middle East: New York–Tel Aviv

Executive configuration with high level of options:

Honeywell Jetwave Ka-Band WIFI

FalconEye Enhanced Vision System (EVS) + Combined Vision System (CVS)

Synthetic Vision System (SVS) on PDF

FalconEye Head-Up Display (HUD) with SVS

EASy Video Interface

FalconConnect CMF

LPV Approach capability

FANS 1/A+ Datalink (CPDLC & ADS-C)


CTS Quick Access Recorder (QAR)

Aft Bulkhead 24” Monitor HD LED Backlit

Electrical Main Cabin Window Shades

Galley Pocket Sliding Door

Wine bottle storage rack (in lieu of Glass Rack)

All pictures provided for generic reference only, copyright courtesy @ Dassault Falcon Jets


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